Frequently Asked Questions

What is PictureStack?

PictureStack is a free image hosting service, without the bloat. Ideal for sharing images on forums, blogs, social networks, online auctions, emails and other websites. So tell your friends!

What types of images can I upload?

Supported file types include JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF and ICO up to 4MB in file size. See the Terms of Service regarding prohibited content.

How long will you host my images?

Provided your images do not violate the Terms of Service, they will be hosted indefinitely.

Is hotlinking allowed?

Yes, but be sensible.

Do you alter uploaded images?

Not currently, larger images may be compressed if the maximum supported file size is ever increased.

Are my images private?

Initially yes, a unique file name and URL only visible to you is generated for each of your images. Keep it private or share it with the world!

How do I delete my images?

Contact us with the URL and approximate time uploaded for each of your images that you want deleted.

What if I forget the URL to my image?

Just upload it again. If that is not an option, contact us with the original file name and approximate time uploaded.

How do I report an image abusing the Terms of Service?

Send a removal request with the URL for each image that you want to report and a valid reason explaining why it should be deleted.

My question was not answered here.

Contact us.